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This is a game about navigating the stars. Track pulsars, and tunnel through the bulk using wormholes.

You aren't alone, your partner is there to keep you company.

Submitted for the Fermi Paradox game jam, hosted by Loren Schmidt and Katie Rose. I put a lot into developing this one, it took me right until the very end to piece it together into what it is but I'm happy with how far along it came. I'd like to polish it up some more when I get the chance. Some things are currently missing that I'd love to have in, and I think the main mechanics can be a bit overwhelming.

If you liked it get in touch via twitter @CriticalMammal and consider dropping a donation.

Update v0.1.1

  • Fixed a bug where the dialogue windows would get out of sync with the camera position.
  • Changed controls text to more clearly display (spacebar) when not at the terminal to clarify that all actions happen at the terminal.
  • Removed engine screen in terminal because the mechanics weren't implemented and it served no real purpose.
  • Minor revisions to dialogue text and improvements to dialogue delivery (they shouldn't be repeating dialogue back to back anymore)
  • Replaced original music track with a more dynamic version.


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MarlowesPath_v0.1.1.zip 31 MB


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Detalhes ola

Very fascinating but I think I got stuck in the end.

Great entry! I ran into a bit of a bug though where the character's dialogue bubbles somehow got out of sync with the camera (i.e. when I was in looking out the front they were down by the screen, and when I was looking at the screen they were out at the front).

Ah thanks for letting me know, I think I've seen that once during the brief testing I did before submission too. I'll look into it