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A downloadable game for Windows

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A 48 hour game for the 2017 Game Maker's Toolkit Jam

Use a controller or directional keys to navigate the plane, spreading oil as you go. Dash to ignite your trail and find the exit. Beware: you're not alone, and something doesn't appreciate the mess you're causing.

Controls: Arrow Keys to move, Hold Shift or Spacebar to Dash. 

Note: Gamepads are supported but there currently is a bug with the left analogue stick not receiving input. d-pads work fine though!

Created by 

Dylan Gallardo - programming

Alex Haduch - audio, additional design

Sarah Yendrey - testing, additional support


While the game is still in development the plan is to only build for Windows. If you're interested in the game and are only on Linux or OSX a build can be provided on request and I'll do my best to supply them.


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ArsonFarce postjam (update v2) 27 MB
ArsonFarce original jam submission 19 MB

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